If you are claiming to outdoor enthusiasts, that if there is a pair of Timberland Boots (hereinafter referred to as Timberland) classic Timberland Boots your closet? Timberland Sale was born in 1973. "They take a unique shoe technology to produce a pair of soles and uppers without stitching shoes, soles and uppers of the full cast together, creating a real sense of waterproof shoes." Timberland For Fashion Line, the brand whether the strategy will continue to Timberland consumers what the future will be mainly for Stuart Weining:?? we see the market "outdoor recreation" products is growing rapidly, so Timberland style tends to be more stylish appearance, refined style. In addition, our classic "Timberland Boots", 50009 classic boat shoes, leather jacket can be worn all year round, such as belonging to the products, consumers in age from 25 years old to 50 years old. In fact, both are 18 years old or 81 years old, as long as there is a movement of the heart, and keen outdoors, could be our potential consumer base. For example, a very large majority of my mother, but she is still skiing, hiking, and we have a strong inclusive brand, which is the brand's philosophy. To manufacture footwear known outdoor brand Timberland acknowledges that "manufacturing footwear duties equally adverse environmental impact," sit idly by, passive response, positive change in the face of three distinct attitude, Timberland Choose Timberland outlet as sales selected mode.